kitchen – the kitchen island: five useful tips

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January 18, 2018
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kitchen – the kitchen island: five useful tips

Kitchen Remodeling - The kitchen island: Five useful tips

The kitchen island is an element that has been used for very long time in interior design, but it gradually has become a versatile piece of furniture with multiple uses.


For a unitary effect it is recommended to choose the same material for the kitchen island and for the countertops. We recommend the solid wood for both, the island tops and countertops, due to his undeniable qualities: high resistance and consequently long lifetime, versatility (possibility to be integrated in different types of designs and be combined with other materials such as the natural stone), but also for a good price-quality ratio. Moreover, the solid wood countertops may be periodically renewed by sanding, varnishing, thus eliminating the stains and scratches. You also have to have in account that not only the quality of the material itself, but also the finishing and installing decide the countertop’s lifespan.

Storage space and cooking space

When the kitchen furniture does not offer enough working space, this can be created inside the kitchen island cabinets.

Even if into the modern kitchens there is not much cooking, they are provided with many appliances and tools for which the cupboards sometimes are not enough. We can increase the storage space by creating a big kitchen island, with open and closed shelves for storing the cooking pots, dishes, cutlery, etc.

A kitchen island allows the sink or hot plate fitting and thus it can become a practical place for preparing and cooking food.

A place to socialize

The modern kitchens also play the role of a space to socialize and where eye contact is important for maintain conversations with family members and guests. Nowadays, more and more house owners opt for large kitchen islands, with an extended countertop that also can be used as dining or bar table.

Space of wine keeping

Into a regular kitchen there is difficult to have enough room for wine storage. This problem can be easily entirely or partially solved by installing some wine racks into the kitchen island.

Space of exhibiting ornaments

An interesting and successful approach in contemporary open-space houses is to provide the island with book shelves, standing and hanging ornaments.