kitchen, bathroom, interior, exterior - renovation

George Catalin,

F ounder/CEO of Tinka Construction Inc. He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Califonia General Contractor. George's experience encompasses construction management, field operations supervision, and pre-construction services. He values highly understanding his clients' requirements and making sure the project is run seamlessly from the beginning to the end.

We work with our clients to meet their budgets, even when demanding, and we are available to our clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We maintain a clean work environment that utilizes environmentally – friendly Green construction products and methodologies

Catalin is the best.

He is smart, very patient, and he would not give up if there is an unsolved problem, until it's done. His calm behavior is reassuring that everything will be done, and it will be done on time. It is so not easy to find people like him in the Contracting Business today - people you can trust for 100%. He possesses an amazing sense of style and taste, and his Master Degree in Civil Engineering is the icing on the cake. I will hire/work with Catalin any time.

Sjon L. - Twin Peaks - San Francisco


kitchen, bathroom, Iinterior, exterior - remodeling

11 years' experience

W ith over 11 years' experience in the field of construction and hundreds of projects that have been completed, Tinka construction offers you a wide range of works and solutions. Our team of qualified and certified specialists work together in industrial, commercial, office and residential projects - we have all the tools needed to complete any project in time and budget.

We are at your disposal with a flexible schedule, whether it is painting the apartment, arranging a commercial space or renovating the office. All works benefit from a contractual guarantee and are carried out by a team of professionals, tested so far in large projects.

Apply with confidence to TIinka construction for a structured, fast and sustainable job.