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experience always takes precedence.

construction for successful projects with 100% personalized solutions within your budget and time.

choose Tinka construction and you will get 11 years of experience in designing, renovating and assembling works. whether you want to call us for a commercial, office or residential space (house or apartment fitting), our specialists will find every suitable solution for the project to be carried to the finals under the best conditions..

we are dynamic, open and attentive to the needs of our customers, company. our work program is flexible - we can work on weekends or at night not to disturb our sales space. Thus, space planning takes place in the best conditions for you and those surrounding.

moreover, in the respect for the client, our specialists' work module is a clean one. our colleagues ensure that the finished space is cleaned in order for a quick renovation work to take place without difficulty.

Tinka construction - specialized in home, interior, exterior, kitchen and bathroom renovation. a specialized team in the renovation of commercial spaces. experience Tinka construction in general contactor. We are successfully renovating and leading to the quickest realization of your projects

if you have a renovation project at home, in the office, a commercial space or changed the electrical installation or the Tinka water installation is always with you

planning the perfect remodel

kitchen, bathroom, interior, exterior - construction remodeling

learn how to make your ordinary interior, exterior extraordinary!

the perfect interior, exterior, bathroom, kitchen needs careful planning. this informative workshop will describe the steps of a successful project, from developing the initial concept to selecting materials and finishes. we will show you what to include in your budget and present the tools needed to plan a realistic construction schedule. additionally, we will share what we have learned from doing hundreds of successful remodels, information which can help you minimize stress and make your remodel a positive, productive and satisfying experience.

take a look at our realisations - construction remodeling

renovation and remodeling projects made with bathroom, interior, exterior

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